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Starting in November 2017!


A Special Program for Bay Area Entrepreneurs

Being a Leader & the Effective Exercise of Leadership

Is this program right for you?
Being a Leader for Bay Area Entrepreneurs is a special edition of Being a Leader for Bay Area leaders. The next one is being held in San Francisco starting in November and running through March for a maximum of 36 participants. To maximize the opportunity for cross-learning and synergy, the cohort will consist of leaders with highly diverse backgrounds from many different organizations.

The program is comprised of seven in-person sessions over five months, supplemented by a series of 60-minute webinars to provide small group coaching. As a participant, you will create a Leadership Initiative designed to make a decisive contribution to your work or organization. Your initiative will serve as a real-time laboratory for applying the principles of the program.

Our promise
You will leave this program being a leader and exercising leadership effectively as your natural self-expression in any situation and no matter what the circumstances.

Program content and unique method
Visit the Being a Leader & The Effective Exercise of Leadership website beingaleader.net for an in-depth look at the program as it is being offered by its authors in a week-long, intensive format. Since this program is a truly unique learning experience, we highly recommend that you review this website before registering.

Program leader: Gordon Starr
Over the last 26 years, Gordon has had the privilege of working with a number of truly extraordinary leaders in making a critical difference in the world by unlocking their full leadership potential and unleashing the spirit, commitment and creativity of the people in their organizations. To learn more about Gordon’s work, we invite you to further explore our website starrco.org and learn who we are, who we work with and what we offer.

What the participants say about Being a Leader . . .
” I rate Being a Leader among the top 2 or 3 most valuable courses I have ever taken.”  More . . .

If you’re interested, here’s what to do next
If you are interested in exploring the possibility of participating in Being a Leader for Bay Area Entrepreneurs, please send Gordon Starr an email at gordon@starrco.org giving some background about you and letting him know what you would like to get out of your participation in the program.  So that you can make a fully informed choice prior to registering, you will then be invited to attend a one-hour Introduction webinar where the program will be explained in more detail and you can have your questions answered.  A graduate of the program will also be on the call to give you a participant’s perspective.

All sessions will be in person from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm (lunch provided).

Program Schedule
November Program
Sessions 1 & 2 November 9 / 10 Thursday, Friday
Sessions 3 & 4 December 7 / 8 Thursday, Friday
Session 5 January 12 Friday
Session 6 February 9 Friday
Session 7 March 9 Friday

Preparation and Practice
Prior to session #1, you will be asked to complete approximately 140 pages of pre-program reading. At the beginning of the program, you will create your own Leadership Initiative to serve as a real-time laboratory for applying the principles of Being a Leader. Between the in-person sessions, in addition to providing leadership for your initiative, you will have from two to four hours of inquiries and practice work.

Tuition: $5,000 to be paid by your organization prior to Session 1. Tuition includes seven in-person sessions, a series of up to five 60-minute webinars, and all program materials.  Note: The support of your organization is a prerequisite for participation. Your tuition must be paid by your employer – no personal checks will be accepted.

Note: If you are interested in a smaller, more intimate group with individual coaching, please refer to the Being a Leader Platinum program.


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