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We work (and have worked) with some of the most extraordinary visionary leaders in the world. We’d like to introduce you to a few of them by the future to which their leadership is dedicated.

If you are considering working with us and would like to know more, we will be happy to set up a conversation for you with any of these remarkable people.

A sustainable planet made possible through carbon-free energy.

Peter Darbee – Lafayette, CA; Former Chairman/CEO, PG&E Corporation

Regenerative, organic farming pervasive throughout the world.

Paul Dolan – Healdsburg, CA; Farmer, entrepreneur, author; partner, Truett Hurst; former CEO, Fetzer Vineyards; former Chairman, California Wine Institute

Our world fueled by fusion energy, making possible a sustainable planet for our children’s children.

Fusion energy scientist – San Francisco Bay Area, CA

The true promise of innovation and technology fulfilled: making the world a better place for everyone.

Bill Gross – Pasadena, CA; Founder/CEO, Idealab; World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer

Businesses bringing game-changing innovations into existence – innovations that change the way the world works, create meaningful work and liberate the human spirit.

Mike Harris – Oxford, England; Principal, IconicShift; former CEO, Mercury Communications Ltd.; Founder Egg and Firstdirect; author; mentor to early stage entrepreneurs

A world in which every child is loved and cared for.

George Hosking and Anthoulla Koutsoudi – London, England; George: Founder/CEO, WAVE Trust, Anthoulla: Director of External Relations, WAVE Trust

A carbon-free global economy, in time to make a decisive difference in ending global warming.

Steve Howard – Delft, Netherlands; Former CEO/Co-Founder, The Climate Group

Every child has the opportunity to hear the words ‘I love you.’ 

Amy Jacobsohn – New York, NY; Founder, Hear Now Project

We are one of the safest and most trusted utilities anywhere, deeply respected by those in the communities we serve, an operational leader in our industry, and a place where people love to come to work.

Chris Johns – San Francisco, CA; President, Pacific Gas and Electric Company

The heart and soul of the game of golf is available to everyone, as an opportunity for exploration, discovery and freedom.

Fred Shoemaker – Carmel, CA; Founder and Owner, Extraordinary Golf

All children experience joy and playfulness in their lives.

Mark Sullivan – San Diego, CA; Former Executive Vice President, Spin Master Ltd.; former Senior Vice President, Boys Toys, Mattel Inc.

An environmentally sustainable, socially just, spiritually fulfilling human presence on Earth.

Bill and Lynne Twist – San Francisco, CA; Co-Founders, The Pachamama Alliance